Call for Nominations for the SNUG Board

  • Dear SNUG members-

    Have you ever thought about serving on the SNUG Executive Board? Did you know that you do not have to attend the SNUG conference to submit your name for a nomination? Did you know that you can be brand new to SNUG and run for the board?

    This year we have 3, 3 year term positions open on the Executive board that we will vote on during the 2024 SNUG Annual Conference and Educational Summit. Serving on the board is a very rewarding experience. You’ll experience the fun of planning the SNUG Annual Conference, you’ll get to know the SCC Executive team and have a great experience to share on your resume’. You’ll also get to work with the SNUG special interest groups (SIGs). The time commitment involved is based on the position you serve on the board. The board members are very sensitive to job obligations and realize that members may miss a call occasionally. The first year of the 3 year term serving on the board is more of a learning year where you get the opportunity to observe and acclimate yourself to the workings of the Board. If you are voted in to hold a position on the Board, the current Board assigns the position to you for the year.

    If you have any questions about serving on the SNUG Executive board, please feel free to email any of the Board members (contact info on the SNUG site). If you are interested in submitting your name or another candidate’s for nomination please fill out the form below.


SNUG Board Job Descriptions Coming Soon