Mission - Collaborate with SCC Soft Computer to enhance and promote relationship, education, process improvement, and networking opportunities.

2020-21 SNUG Executive Board

President/ Vice President/ Past President

Lancaster General

Phone: 717-544-4229

President/ Vice President/ Past President

Michigan Medicine

Phone: 734-763-3141


Mayo Clinic

Phone: 480-342-0148

Asst. Treasurer / SIG Coordinator

University Hospitals

Phone: 216-286-9634


Mayo Clinic

Phone: 507-284-9139

Asst. Secretary / Social Media Coordinator

Olmstead Medical

Phone: 507-529-6668

Customer Service

Genova Diagnostics

Phone: 828-210-7402

Auxiliary Board Member

Garnet Health Medical Center

Phone: 845-333-0155

Contact a member of the SNUG Executive Board from the list above with your questions or concerns!

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