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SNUG Mission: Collaborate with SCC Soft Computer to enhance and promote relationship, education, process improvement, and networking opportunities.

Countdown to the 2025 Annual Conference


One of the purposes of SNUG is to expand client knowledge and skills for improvements in:

Software management


System performance

Quality management

Hardware configuration

SNUG Members

SNUG membership enhances usage of SCC’s clinical information systems. This active group has become a convergence of minds – a community of exchanging ideas, lessons learned, and best practices.

The Soft Network Users Group was established in 1992 as an organization focused on the use and development of the SCC Soft Computer suite of laboratory software products. The group is made up of SCC Soft Computer clients who share a common goal of providing the best possible care to patients and getting the most from their SCC systems for the greatest return on their investment.

About SNUG & SIGs

The Soft Network Users Group (SNUG) was established to promote the free exchange of ideas and suggestions, relating to the applications of SCC Soft Computer (SCC) laboratory software packages. As a vehicle of communication between the users and SCC, SNUG offers assistance to the large international client base with benefits including: 

  • The opportunity to vote on submitted enhancement suggestions to SCC for future versions through special interest groups or SIGs
  • As an active SIG member you have direct input into the decisions affecting customizations and their prioritization
  • Access to the SNUG member listserver where questions and information can be easily posted for a quick response from a variety of seasoned users
  • Opportunity to serve on the executive committee and help in the planning of the annual conference
  • Discounted registration fee for the annual conference held in sunny Florida.

Contact Executive Board

Our Executive Committee of Board Members span facilities and communities across the country. Feel free to contact any of our board members with relevant questions  or concerns about SNUG, SCC, or the Annual Conference.

Register for the annual SNUG Conference for a chance to become a member of the Board yourself. Running for office on the SNUG Executive Committee gives you an opportunity to take a more active role in the leadership of the Soft Network Users Group.

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