SNUG 2019 Keynote Speaker

George Campbell a.k.a Joe Malarkey

George Campbell is a ten year veteran of professional comedy. For the last decade he has worked comedy clubs from the Bahamas to Alaska, New York to LA. He has also appeared on Arts & Entertainment and the Showtime cable networks. In 1988, George competed in the White Mountain Cooler comedy competition. At the national finals at the Improv in Los Angeles, he was voted champion
and awarded a contract with Rhino Records.

In addition to writing his own show, he has contributed material to Jay Leno and The Tonight Show. Performing “clean” comedy afforded George over 200 opportunities to perform stand-up for corporations and associations. From these positive experiences came the motivation to write a program specifically focused on these groups’ interests and concerns. For the last two years, George has been refining, performing, and constantly improving “Joe Malarkey, The Worst Motivational Speaker in America!”

Joe Malarkey is best described as a man very excited about some extremely bad ideas. During the course of the program, Malarkey touches on affirmations, goal setting, subliminal tapes, relationship
skills, and dress for success techniques. Each subject is treated to Joe’s upside-down, “Choose to Lose” viewpoint. Leaving comedy stages, he now performs exclusively for the corporate and association
market. The Joe Malarkey show has entertained diverse groups from doctors and lawyers, to entrepreneurs, salespeople, and office workers. George was inducted into the National Speakers Association's CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame in 2002.

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