API DataDirect – Uploading Your Proficiency Testing Results Using Your LIS

Presenter: Platinum Vendor – API

Description: Using their own laboratory information system (LIS), laboratories can upload their proficiency testing results to the American Proficiency Institute (API), a process that revolutionizes external quality control measures for clinical laboratories. There are no more paper forms, no more data entry, no new technology systems to purchase, and no additional fees. Proficiency testing becomes truly accurate, immediate, and paperless. This process, called API DataDirect, allows a laboratory to send their PT results quickly and efficiently to API.  Ultimately, this process will improve laboratory quality by eliminating clerical errors and will make the PT process more like patient testing. DataDirect will save laboratories significant time and money.

The American Proficiency Institute is one of the largest proficiency testing providers in the world serving over 20,000 laboratories. API offers innovative solutions and technical excellence for the proficiency testing needs of hospital laboratories, physician offices, clinics, and point-of-care testing sites.